Himalayan Cooking Salts Alderwood Smoked

Over 250 million years ago, a primeval sea existed over what is now Asia. A sea teeming with life and minerals but free of man-made pollutants, during a time when the Earth was a pristine ecosystem. As the sea evaporated, sea salt was formed. Two tectonic plates collided to form the Himalayan Mountains, crushing much of the salt between them. The immense pressure and heat caused the salt to crystallize, creating what we now know as Himalayan salt. Which to date is the purest salt on earth, containing more than 84 minerals vital to human life. 

After many years experimenting with different applications using Himalayan salt, Chef's have come up with their latest invention in the art of culinary: Alderwood Smoked Himalayan Salt. It's the newest breed of organic smoked salt but ironically, for hundreds of years Alderwood has been used to smoke fish and meats which truly is a Northwest American tradition, brought right to your table.

This Himalayan salt is cool smoked for 48 hours using 100% genuine red Alderwood, giving it an exquisite and clean smoked flavor. Alderwood smoked Himalayan salt is a natural way to add a true smoked flavor to any recipe with no strange aftertaste. This extraordinary salt combines a unique traditional smoked flavor along with the purity of the Himalayan salt producing the most exquisite and amazing spice in the world. We are proud to be able to offer you these smoked salts that are prepared with no liquid smoke, artificial flavors or coloring of any kind. Enjoy!