Himalayan Cooking Salts Fine and Coarse Grains

This 100% pure and natural fine pink salt is hand-mined straight from Pakistan, unlike refined table salt which is heavily processed. Our  'fine coarse' Himalayan salt is perfect for sprinkling over veggies, seasoning meats, or even rimming the glass of your favorite cocktail. And remember, it's so tasty that a little bit goes a long way. Enjoy! 

Our 'coarse grain' Himalayan salt is perfect for curing. It can even be added to your bath for a soothing 84 mineral bath. So you can eat it and bath in it, simply amazing. Buy some today.

Over 250 million years ago, a primeval sea existed over what is now Asia. A sea teeming with life and minerals but free of man-made pollutants, during a time when the Earth was a pristine ecosystem. As the sea evaporated, sea salt formed. Two tectonic plates collided to form the Himalayan Mountains, crushing much of the salt between them. The immense pressure and heat caused the salt to crystallize, creating what we now know as Himalayan salt. Which to date is the purest salt on Earth, containing more than 84 minerals vital to human life.