Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks

Bring a wonderful taste to anything you wish with our thick and durable Himalayan salt slab, block and/or tray. It is very versatile and can be used for sauteing, grilling, chilling, curing and serving! Simply place your salt block in an oven heat at 250 degrees for the first 10-12 mintues then increase to 400 degrees. For Gas range/Grill heat on a low flame until warm, gradually increasing to medium, then high until desired temperature is reached, generally around 15-20 minutes. For electric stove use a flame tamer to raise the salt plate above the burner place on high. These salt blocks are perfect for those who love to experiment in the kitchen or those looking for a new alternative healthy way of cooking. Please note: your food will take on a light salty flavor while cooking. Enjoy!

Our Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks come in 3 different sizes.    8" x 8" x 2",  12" x 8" x 2",  and 16" x 8" x 2". They are perfect for grilling on or serving chilled foods on.  Please keep stored in a dry location when not in use to keep the salt from dissolving. It is best to store in a large zip lock storage bag or any other plastic bag that can provide secure seal from humidity. Note: place a little bit of dry uncooked rice inside the plastic bag to allow the moisture to be absorbed. The Himalayan Cooking Block is 100% pure Himalayan Salt, containing 84 minerals. And, if your salt block ever breaks don't throw it away. Use a cheese grater and use the broken pieces of Himalayan salt to spice up your dishes of break them into fine pieces and place them in a salt grinder. The salt from the blocks and the edible salt are exactly the same. You can also use the broken pieces for a mineral rich bath. You can even save the pieces and place them into a soothing foot soak.