Himalayan Salt Lamps

 The Himalayan salt is scientifically proven to possess many health benefits and healing properties. One of the main benefits of this pure and organic crystal is the ability to produce unlimited levels of negative ions when it is exposed to high levels of heat. Negative ions are known to be extremely benefical to the human body specially the respiratory system. That is why the himalayan salt lamp was invented. All our Himalayan salt lamps come with a durable Neem wood base. (The diameter of the baseis relative to the diameter of the lamp), a UL certified electrical power cord and a SATCO long lasting candelabra clear light bulb. How do negative ions clean the air?

The main function of the negative ions produced by the salt lamp is to constantly disperse into the air and bind with air born particles such as allergens, flying debris and microbial particles . This binding action renders these flying particles heavier, making them fall to the ground rapidly, purifying the air circulating within the salt lamp's range quietly and effciently using very little electricity(15 watts).

Does the color of the salt lamp matter at all?

The colors produced by these salt lamps are known to have a beneficial influence on humans psychological behavior.  Many professionals use authentic Himalayan salt lamps for color therapy and spiritual healing. Also, light rediating from the lamp is proven to counteract morning sickness, produce calmness, relaxation and improve awareness as well as concentration. Each lamp is unique, no two are alike in color, size or shape. Each Himalayan salt lamp is handcrafted.  Add a subtle touch of style while pruifying the air using one of our outstanding natural salt lamps.  The medium size salt lamp stands about 8-9" tall, 6-8" width and it weights approximately 7-10 lbs. Colors range from light pink to orange or red. It has the power to ionize an area of about 12'x 12', making it ideal for meditation rooms, waiting rooms, spa salons and living rooms or bedrooms. Try for yourself and see the difference.